Aviso 9-9 Brian Anderson Model Longboard

Aviso 9-9 Brian Anderson Model Longboard
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  • Item #: AVBA99
  • Manufacturer: Aviso
Designed the way that shapers wish they could have built noseriders back in the 60's, the 'BA' model is way too modern to be considered 'Retro'. Its robust outline and functional hips are offset with delicately knifed 50/50 rails resulting in a perfect release point for adequate speed and maneuverability. A conservative nose-to-tail rocker and thoughtfully foiled volume encourage smooth trims through critical sections with ultimate control on the tip. Style: Nuevo Retro Fin System: Bahne Length: 9'9" Tail Width: 16.125" Center Width: 23.875" Nose Width: 19.875" Thickness: 3.5"
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Price $3,137.97

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