Aviso Lost 5-7 Round Nose Fish Quad

Aviso Lost 5-7 Round Nose Fish Quad
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  • Item #: AVRNFQ57
  • Manufacturer: Aviso
RNF ? (Round Nose Fish Quad) Taking our flagship fish and updating it to hold 4 fins was a breeze. We simply cut 1" off the tail (increasing the width and making room for the fins) of the original RNF, re-foiled the rail and stringer rockers accordingly and viola! The RNF-Q! Rather than a thruster (which rides and drives so much differently than a twin) Quads are a great opportunity to get the same free and loose feel of a twin but have added holding power and drive, allowing for harder turns and a wider range of performance in more varied surf. Enjoy playing with a multitude of fin setups and positions for different feels in different conditions. A fun and functional update to the ...Lost Classic. Fin System: FCS Length: 5'7" Tail Width: 14.5" Center Width: 19.75" Nose Width: 16.05" Thickness: 2.25"
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