Ocean And Earth Comp One Piece Leash

Ocean And Earth Comp One Piece Leash
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  • Item #: OESLC60
  • Manufacturer: Ocean and Earth

Medium weight 6 foot performance leash. High performance leash. 

Colors: Black, Blue, Lime, Red

Wave Size: 5ft (1.5m)

Length: 6ft (1.8m)

Cord Diameter.: 1/4” (6mm)

Horn Type: ONE Piece Leash Technology

Swivel: Double

Strap: 38mm Padded

Rail Saver: Detachable

Warranty: 6 Months



40% Stronger and 40% More Stretch! No joins equals no weak points! There is no other leash that even compares close to this one! After two years in the development process Ocean & Earth founder Brian Cregan and 25 year design/production guru Steve Rayner design and develop the new one piece molded leash: the “next evolution” in surf leash technology. Ocean & Earth have been making waves at the hardware game since the beginning, and this year they believe they've come across a revolutionary product. Ocean & Earth are about to release a new leash that claims to be 40% stronger than anything else on the market. The secret behind the new leash is reducing any weak spots, (this mainly occurs at joins) and therefore they've created a 'one' piece leash. This one piece leash has been in design for a few years, and Ocean & Earth's founder/CEO Brian Creegan said "Little did we know it would cost a fortune! We believed in the product so much that we went ahead and the leash cord is moulded in a giant highly engineered mould that has to be able to do several lengths and diameters of cord. " 'The One' as it's being called hasn't hit the market yet, but is due out early 2011. For one (pun intended) I'm pretty eager to check this thing out and conduct a few tests on it through mesurf. Having had 3 leashes break on me this year already (albeit only one was O & E) I'd be keen on having something like this in the hardware arsenal. Nothing worse then having an amazing 6ft session cut short due to a broken leash!


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