Surf Starter Bottom Kit

Surf Starter Bottom Kit
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  • Item #: SIBSO01
  • Manufacturer: SI-BOARDS
For all those wanting to create their own balance board - this is for you. We know you've been thinking about making your own balance board. Well, here is a kit to get you going on a solid ball within 30 minutes! Our horseshoe urethane rails come in two sizes. Attach the ends together for a small oval or add 4" extension pieces to lengthen your rail- you get two size options with each Creator Kit. Drill 6 or 8 holes in your board top, bolt on the rail and you are ready to Si-Board! The urethane rail is stiff but allows some flexing if attaching to a bent skateboard. We offer the rail, extensions, 3" Mini urethane ball, hardware, template and assembly instructions. Assembly tools needed; 3/16" drill bit (countersink is optional) and phillips screw driver. You will need to supply the board top. Our Skate Kit rail is designed to fit under most skateboard decks of 7 to 9 ply wood and is featured on our Si-chi. Our Starter Kit is the same rail on all of our Starter boards and works with 9 to 13 ply woods. Please note: use skateboard decks or other board tops in good condition. We are not responsible for damage to your deck or the platform you choose to attach to the rail. Using thin plywood may break due to the small surface area of the ball. We suggest using no less than 7 ply and at least 9 ply if you are over 150 pounds. Note: the listed dimensions measure the outside of the rail. Dimensions: 20" or 16" x 9.5" Note: the listed dimensions measure the outside of the rail.
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