Thunderbird Stand Up Paddle Board

Thunderbird Stand Up Paddle Board
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  • Item #: THTB001
  • Manufacturer: Tomahawk
What if you do not have any waves near by? Can you still be a surfer? Of course. You can take a Tomahawk paddle board out on lake and get a great core workout. Bring your fishing pole and actually see the fish before you catch them. Find a river and go run the rapids. Got a friend with a ski boat? Pitch in some gas money and go wake surfing. The point is, wherever there is water, there is a place to surf. With a Tomahawk Paddle Board, anyone can surf. If you are lucky enough to live near the ocean, Tomahawk paddle boards are ready for whatever you can throw at them. From the rolling waves of Malibu to the double overhead at Makaha. Tomahawks boards are designed by surfers for surfers. THUNDERBIRD Info and Specifications- When designing the Thunderbird, the goal was to create a paddle board that surfed like a short board. We hit the mark with the Thunderbird. This bird is quick, easy to turn, and has just the right amount of rocker to excel in both large and small waves. The dual concave and tapered rails allow the Thunderbird to be stable and user friendly. No matter what the conditions are, the Thunderbird will be fun and responsive. We are stoked about our new bird and we know you will be to. Reserve yours today. Length: 9 foot 6 inches Width: 28 1/8 inches Thick: 4-3/8 Performance Range 90 lbs to 150 lbs Beginner 150 lbs to 180 lbs Intermediate 180 lbs to 225 lbs Advanced
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