Block Surf Fin Socks BDFS02 Changing Robe
Block Surf Fin Socks BDFS02Changing Robe
Block Surf Fin Socks - 2mm neoprene nylon 2 Fin Sock to be worn with swim-fins to protect against swim-fin rash. Available in sizes: - S, M, L, X/L (2 Fin Socks per set)

The Ultimate Changing Robe!  Tired of the hassle of using a towel to change in and out of your water gear? Don't get busted with your pants down!   



Hang Air Wetsuit Drying Systems BDHA01 Surfsock BDSS02
Hang Air Wetsuit Drying Systems BDHA01Surfsock BDSS02

Wetsuit drying system. Convenient dual purpose dryer and hanger reduces wetsuit drying time by up to 70%! Eliminate the odor. No more wetsuit funk! Plugs into 120V plug that converts down to a safe 12 volt low voltage to run the drying fan.

Surfsock - The Wetsuit Solution Because this is the solution on and taking off you full wetsuit-making the process much easier and at the same time minimizing stretching out the seams of your wetsuit. How many times have beat your wetsuit into...